Welcome to the FlexCareers annual Flexibility Survey, kindly sponsored by AGL.
Help us to shape the workforce of the future by finding out what you want, and what employers can do to better support you to balance work and life.

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Which of the following best describes your current employment status? *

Approximately how many people does your company employ in Australia and New Zealand? *

Which of the following flexible working arrangements do you currently utilise? *

What would you say are the main reasons that you don't access flexible working arrangements? *

What is your MAIN reason for wanting or needing to work flexibly? *

Thinking about your current employer, which of the following apply? *

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Do you feel that accessing flexible working arrangements impacts your ability to progress your career or be considered for a promotion? *

Have you ever experienced issues relating to your flexibility arrangements in your organisation? *

For example, has your manager / team been unsupportive, have you had a request to work flexibly denied, or have you been asked to work days or hours that you usually would not?
Please describe the issues encountered that are related to you working flexibly (optional):

Do you feel flexibility could be improved at your organisation?

When looking for work or evaluating employers, is flexibility a key criteria? *

Which of the following flexible working arrangements is MOST important to you? *

When searching for jobs, how often do you use the following tools?

Online job boards - generalist *

Online job boards - for women / mums *

Online job boards - for flexible work *

Newspapers *

LinkedIn *

Facebook *

Other social media - Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, You Tube *

On a scale of 1-5, how important are the following factors to you when evaluating a potential employer?

1 = Not at all important
3 = Moderately important
5 = Extremely important
Salary / financial incentives *

Flexible working arrangements *

A variety of leave options, such as purchased leave, sabbaticals etc., *

Company culture and values *

Opportunities for training and development *

Programs that support women in the workplace *

Programs that support parents / carers *

A clear commitment to diversity and inclusiveness throughout the organisation. *

Gender balance, including at senior and leadership level. *

A clear commitment to equal pay for men and women. *

Overall, what is most important to you? *

Prior to retiring, were flexible working arrangements available to you? *

Would having the ability to work flexibly have encouraged you to continue working? *

Would you like to continue working if flexible working arrangements were offered? *

Do you think that flexible working arrangements benefit those that wish to keep working past retirement age? *

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Thank you for taking the time to participate.  Your answers will help us to educate and support employers to be more flexible!